Jim's '64 Nova Gasser
(Now a '63)

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Got the Shifter done as well as the transmission tunnel

Cut off the column shifter knob and installed the Superior steering wheel. These are the seats I'm using. I'll probably update the seat covers in the future.

Here's a shot of the steering setup. The Vega steering box is mounted forward so I can use cross steering, which will help in the handling department. I still need to add a support column that will center the aftermarket steering shaft in the column.

I cut about 2" off of the stock steering column because the longest steering shaft I can get isn't quite long enough to connect the borgenson joint to it, so I cut the stock cloumn just before the column shift linkage.

This picture doesn't quite show it because I wasn't low enough, but the draglink is pretty close to parallel to the axle, which will help eliminate bump steer problems. I had to bend the steering arm up to clear the spring and get the draglink parallel. I will also add a steering stabilizer on the tierod to make sure I don't have any handling issues.

Here are the shocks installed. These are the basic shocks from Speedway and I believe are around 12" in the middle of their travel.

I don't know why I shot this pic, but I think it looks pretty cool.

Here is the 1965 L79 327 that I will be putting in the Nova. Can't wait to fire this thing up!!!!

Here's the L79 installed. Still have a few things to hook-up before I fire this thing up.

Here you can see the crusty old fenderwell headers I'm using. They came from my '56 Chevy gasser that I built. They fit great and I like them because they don't go all the way out to the fender.

I just dig this shot!

Here you can see the deep sump oil pan hanging down.

So I still have to install the windshield and rear window, install the trans cooler, bolt together the front sheetmetal, install the other engine wiring harness, finish hooking up the fuel system and heater hoses and then I should be ready to try and get this thing running!!!!

OK, so I haven't got the car ready for a drive, but it's close. I got the windshield in, but was having problems getting the brakes so they didn't leak. I finally think I have them ready to bleed. I got the motor running and it seems to be in great shape, very responsive, but I can't mannually fine tune the lifter adjustment because I have open headers and I can't hear the rockers to see if they ar clacking or not. So I have to put some kind exhaust on it, then I can make sure the valves are adjusted. Then I'll bleed the brakes, check the trans fluid and if there isn't much snow on the ground I'll take it on it's maiden voyage!!!

Things I still have to work on is to get the rear wheelwells cleaned up, modify the 4-point rollbar so it fits inside, get the rear window in, the front bumper on and the hood mounted. I also have a few electrical issues I have to fix, but it's almost done!!!

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