Jim's '64 Nova Gasser
(Now a '63)

OK,I bought this project Nova from Lonnie and plan to get it on the road this summer (I hope). I needed to replace the '56, which I sold, with another gasser otherwise they'd kick me out of the club. So stay tuned and I'll document the build.

If you are interested in one of these front-ends Bob fabricates them and you can find out all the info here.

As you can see it already has a straight axle under it, but it's a drop axle and I want a straight axle so I can give it that nose up look. I'll probably buy the set-up from Speedway, which works well for Nova's as they are lighter and narrower.
From what I've heard the Speedway front-ends aren't heavy duty enough or wide enough for bigger cars like our Tri-Five Chevy's which is why we used '49-'54 Chevy truck axles on them, but under the lighter Nova the Speedway axle should work just fine and I believe that they are very close to the correct width.

Here is the front-end Bob fabricated for my Nova. It has a Speedway straight axle on it for that nose up look that I like.

Alright, now it's time to get a little something done on the Nova. I pulled all the old front-end stuff off and trashed it. Welded up some of the rot and installed the front-end on the Nova! Can you say nosebleed!

Front axle and brakes are from Speedway. I ordered the 46" axle and wished I had gotten the 48", but I can always change that in the future.

The front subrails are made from 2"x4" steel.

So I was about to get geared up to get the '64 going when I came across a much better car to build into a gasser. It's a '63 Nova hardtop that is a lot more solid then the '64 is, so I've decided to use it for my Nova gasser project. The deal is there is a car show I'd like to drive the Nova to during the Labor Day weekend, so that gives me 2 months to get this thing on the road!

So the biggest thing with the '63 is there are a couple of issues with the frame that I'm having Bob take care for me, then we'll put the front-end and rear-end from the '64 on, hopefully pics will be on here soon.

Hopefully I'll be able to document what we do to build the Nova, just like we did with my '56 and Lonnie's '55, so check in regularly and watch the progress.

Here are a few pics of what I'm starting with.

This Nova has had rear quarter panels and rockers replaced. I do plan to radius the rear wheelswells.

This car came with a few pieces I needed like a nice front bumper and brackets and a stock steering column.

If you saw the trunk floor on the '64 you'd know why this pics looks
so good to me.

Here's it is after I got the frontend on and my running (hopefully) $200 mock-up motor and turbo 350 transmission. I have a '65 L79 350 hp 327 that will go in the car but I'm hoping to get the car on the road this year with this motor.

Had to have Bob do a little repair work on the frame. These are wheels off of my '65 Biscayne and will be replaced with a smaller version very soon. Should have the back wheels this week and will radius the rear wheelwells and have them on soon.

Started hanging front sheetmetal to make sure everything fits. Ordered a BeCool universial aluminum radiator which I'll get mounted this week after Bob welds on some mounting brackets for me (I can't weld aluminum). So after finishing up some landscaping this weekend I'll be hitting it hard.

Got the trunk mounted, but still have to make some adjustments to the latch.

Got the tires mounted on the new Torque Thrust Originals. After I get the radiator mounted I will be radiusing the rear wheelwells and popping these babies on!

Put on the skinny front wheels and tires.

Bought back the seats that were in my '56 from Bill and will be using them in the Nova.

The steering column is really messed up. I'll be ordering a new turnsignal mechanism and then I will start setting up the steering.

Crappy pic of the mock-up install of the steering box. I'll get more later after I get it in permantly. The box is mounted up front and is a Vega box. I will be going back across to the passenger wheel with the pitman arm for a cross steer setup which will help eliminate bump steer.

As promised a few more pics of the steering box mounting. Here is the mounting point I fabricated for the third tab on the steering box.

\Installed a few mounting tabs for the radiator which will be installed tomorrow.

And here is the old stick welded rollbar that I put in the Nova. I had to grind a ton of crappy welding off to make it look a bit better. This will mostly be for looks as I'm not going to tie it into the frame. You can see the fenderwell headers that were on my '56 that I will us on the Nova also.

New BeCool radiator installed.

This duel master cylinder came off of the '64 and I will definantly plumb the brakes for a duel master cylinder.

Radiused the rear wheelwells and mounted the new wheels and tires.

Now I have to get the drivers door from the '64 in shape and mounted.

OK, I got the trunk cleaned up and the holes drilled for the battery hold down and cables and then painted it with a little Dupli-color Splatter paint.

I have no pictures yet, but I got the floor, frame and under carriage welded up and sprayed with 3M rubberized undercoating.

I had some clearance issues with the turbo 350 and the driveshaft so I modified the floor and also fixed a shifter hole that was in the floor. I mounted an old B&M Quick shifter that I bought from Al.

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